Clean Drains

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Precision Equipment Can Make A World Of Difference


Camera System Camera
We have the ability to video inspect drain lines, from 1-1/2 to 8 inches, in house and the connection to inspect up to 60 inches or larger. Qualified personnel to interpret video to insure accurate problem diagnosis and locating problem areas.


Water Jetting System Water jetting
High pressure water jetting with low height clearance allows us to work in 6.5 feet of clearance in garage and is perfect for grease and dry packed lines. Stacks to main-hole runs are no problem.



Low profile trailers allow us to get into garages and their lower levels to clean out gas traps and pump stations to let your pumps run at maximum efficiency. We also vacuum out debris from catch basins and other areas where digging is not an option.


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We now accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover