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Our company is a family owned and operated business with old time ideas about how companies should work. The most important part of our job is to make our customers satisfied with our work, from when they first call, to arriving and to completing the job.

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"Just a note of thanks for a job very well done. I called you on 2/23/2015 with a problem concerning a frozen septic system. You spoke with me 3-4 times to advise on clearing access to septic cover, water level in tanks etc. You listened to the problem, provided great advice, and then arrived on scene quickly. You solved the problem cost effectively and quickly. Will definitely recommend your services in the future. Great job Tom! (and I thank his wife whom I spoke with on the phone while diagnosing the problem). "


Edmund R.




What a relief we found your company by accident - probably divine intervention. We were told by R.R. that we would probably have to excavate and replace our sewer pipe, and cut down our tree in the front yard. But Tom and Greg came and put a camera down, and cleared the drain completely -- no excavation required. So some hard work and perseverance saved my day! Hugs to you both!!"


Susan H.


"Your service is Excellent! Greg was here within an hour after we called, He cleaned the kitchen drain and the set tub drain and even tightened the faucet nut. All this completed on a Saturday evening. Our regular plumber said he couldn't be here till Monday afternoon. So glad we found you in the phone book. Greg was very polite and professional. It was a pleasure meeting him. Thanks to him we can spend the rest of the weekend with a clear kitchen drain."


Judy R.



"Greg came and cleaned the drain to my x-ray processor, better than ANYONE ever has. Just wanted to thank you'all for having him work with you."


Dr. Roberts



Dear Sir:

I am writing to you concerning a problem I had with my sewer line on Dalby Street in Newton. Not knowing any better at the time, I contacted Roto Rooter, who was unable to dislocate the blockage from the line and insisted that the line was broken or had collapsed. Not agreeing with their assessment, I called your company and within an hour a young gentleman named "TJ" was there.

I explained my situation to him and he was very responsive. He started snaking the line and realized something didn't seem right. His clever thinking and go-getter attitude had him come to the realization that there must be a manhole cover buried on the property, which was unknown to me. We were able to locate the sewer line and find that it was buried in roots, despite Roto Rooter insisting otherwise.

I just want you to know from my experience, it was a pleasure to have "TJ" work on my sewer line, diagnose the problem, locate and fix the problem. His professional work ethic, kind way and go-getter attitude gives me new hope for a generation that normally wants the easy way out - but not "TJ", he did an amazing job, saved me a lot of money and had a great personality the entire time.

I thought you should know how happy I am with your company, the quality of work and an employee who was able to figure out the problem. I only wish I had called you first!"


Kenneth M.



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